“I am a businessman with a Drupal obsession. Such uncommon mix gave me an amazing insight in the workings of e-business and the technological gears of it. I find Drupal perfect for all those leading, efficiency-seeking businessmen like me.”

Oskar Bagiński - programmer for 20 years, 10 years in business. Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, one of the first Microsoft Certified Solution Developers in Poland. In love with Drupal for 8 years, specializing in e-commerce for e-business. Chief Executive Officer in commercify.it

“I am a programmer and Drupal is what I do best and I have worked with enough projects to understand that coding is a means to an end. Usability stands first and Drupal gets it.”

Adam Zambrzycki - 10 years in programming. Masters Degree in the Nicolai Copernicus University in Torun, 3-year experience working with Oracle. Drupal fanatic for 6 years. Chief Technology Officer in commercify.it